COVID-19: Why Adrenal Supporting Supplements are Growing in Popularity.

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What do we initially associate adrenal health issues with? Stress

What can cause major health issues? Stress

What if you have a chronic condition and add more stress? Disaster 

Please, always speak to your doctor while consuming our content. People are increasingly turning to medications and supplements that reduce stress, No surprise there. We truly want to address stress reduction and most important boost immune function during the pandemic. 

Many buy supplements and products off the internet without much knowledge and research with the best intentions. I hear that some even give supplements for stress to kids. Ok, let us look into some scientific research here. 

Things I am mentioning today are relevant today with the science backing up as far as now. We do more research and we come up with different conclusions sometimes later in science so please acknowledge that. 

What is currently used and backed up now by science for stress in the world of nutraceuticals? 

Adaptogens or adaptogenic herbs. 

Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body’s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors. Although many plants are traditionally referred to as adaptogens, only some plants have shown these effects in research. 

Ashwagandha is one of these plants. Its popularity was growing for a while. And now during this pandemic it soared. Many ashwagandha products and combinations are promoted for the immune system boost and overall health improvements. Currently, there is some supporting evidence for using ashwagandha root extract to reduce stress. It can also prevent stress-related weight gain. And of course, we cannot get much data for COVID-19 prevention mostly because not many are working on gathering the data for COVID-19 and natural supplements. Also, if you have a thyroid condition you need close monitoring if you chose to try it. 

Astralagus is another adaptogen that grows in popularity recently. It is promoted for the same immune-boosting function. There is less research done with this adaptogen. 

Another great point I would like to make here is to be selective with your brand choices. The market is growing and there is plenty of false advertisement and big quality concern. I research my brands very well, only work with the highest quality control brands. As you may have heard during this pandemic, Amazon pulled over 6.5 million products for false claims related to virus protection or COVID-19. Stay tuned as I research more and more and bring you the most updated information. 

I have a high-quality product I recommend by a company with a very clean record. The link to purchase a product is HERE  

My best tip for improving your adrenals today with the stress related to COVID-19 is to make you sure you get plenty of quality sleep. Get noise reduction earplugs, get a clean, non-toxic, comfortable mattress, keep the temperature in your bedroom up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can make it fancier with an aroma diffuser with lavender oil or other options. Do not drink alcohol before sleep. It will let you fall asleep faster and deeper but will disrupt your REM sleep, which if you have alcohol often is associated with a higher risk of certain chronic diseases. 

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Sending LOVE,

Dr. Inna

Dr. Inna lukyanovsky, PharmD

Dr. Inna lukyanovsky, PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Gut Health Expert and Best Selling Author of the book "Crohn's and Colitis Fix."

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