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Fixing your gut issues is especially important now during the Coronavirus Outbreak!

Do you want to heal your gut, increase your energy, and boost your immune system NOW? Watch Below...

Are you tired of the gas? Tired of the discomfort? Tired of being tired?

Do often feel lethargic, and worry about your immune health, especially now?

Clearly you are looking for answers, hence why you got the book. But what if you could work with someone one-on-one to make the answers in the book work for your unique situation right now?

What if you had someone with medical expertise, that has been there herself as a Crohn’s patient, give you a personal evaluation, and provided you with the exact options you needed to heal instead of guessing what might work?

Work With Dr. Inna One on One!

To begin your road to healing, you would first book a Digestive Reset Personal Consultation Call.  This call is designed to give you a an individualized analysis.

Will the info in the book help you? Absolutely.

But what better way to USE the info in the book, than to have a custom plan for your unique situation?

On your Digestive Reset Personal Consultation Call, we will review your health history, go over your wellness goals, find possible root causes of your health ailments, and go over functional diagnostic options.

You are welcome to bring any lab tests you may have had, medical records, and list of medication or supplements that you take.

This consultation will allow us to look at treatments you have tried before, analyze your diet, and examine your medical history. We can then make recommendations for any diagnostic tests that you should take, which can be delivered to your home!  No need for extra doctors visits! This consultation also allows us to determine what to expect as far as a time line for your healing.   And the best is that this is all done from the comfort of your own home.  No need to go out or wait in a doctor’s office! (not that any of us can go out right now anyways!)

So what is the investment?

The fee for the Digestive Reset Personal Consultation is $299.

Now if that seems expensive, consider this….

Hi! my name is Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky,

I have worked personally with hundreds of clients, and the results that they have gotten have been phenomenal.They feel better, look better, and have better energy.They learn to laugh again, enjoy their life again, and enjoy food again! 


But don’t just take my word for it…

The real question is, how much is your health worth?

How may doctor’s visits have you had?
How many supplements have you taken?
How many medications have you tried?
All with no solution or guarantee…

We believe so strongly that you will get REAL answers that you have been searching for during this consultation, that we actually guarantee it.

If you go through the entire personal consultation and do NOT feel like you have more clarity or have an effective strategy on how to heal your gut issues, then I will cheerfully refund your money

So what do you have to lose?

If you are serious about finding a solution and changing your health, then 
book a call with me today. 

Click the button below to schedule your Digestive Health Reset Consultation, Now just $299!

Please be aware that you should not schedule a Personal Consultation Call If...

Still with me? Awesome!

I love working with positive minded people who are eager to finally find answers and change their health for the better!

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